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Car servicing and repairs in Northampton

At Imperial Cars Northampton we provide car servicing for our customers. We can service any make or model ensuring they get a tailored service based on mileage, manufacturer specifications and your car’s history. Our servicing is conducted with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and lubricants or equivalent quality to ensure your car get’s what it needs to run smoothly and efficiently. Book your car service online using our online booking tool.

Why getting your car serviced is so important

Regularly servicing your car can make the difference between running smoothly and the risk of breaking down. When your car brakes, repairs are costlier and it’s normally unexpected which means you may not have budgeted for it. It’s a false economy to avoid getting your car serviced regularly. Eventually, the parts of your vehicle will wear and require minor maintenance. You can’t expect your vehicle to stay in pristine condition forever. Having regular servicing also greatly improves fuel efficiency, so you’ll be saving on fuel too.

The service schedule for your vehicle

When getting a service with Imperial Cars Northampton, we strongly believe in following your manufacturer’s specifications. Your service schedule is dependent on your make and model but also your car’s mileage and age. We’ll look into your car’s service history to see what’s been done before and when. We have a comprehensive service checklist for 6-month (interim), yearly (full) or 24-month (major) car services. We’ll find the right solution for your car to keep it running smoothly.

Quality and safety

Getting your car serviced helps to identify potential problems before they become major ones. A service with Imperial Cars Northampton ensures that essential checks are carried out on things such as your brakes, exhausts and suspension to make sure that these parts don’t break and let you down when you need them. Deterioration and wear and tear can often be out of sight. Getting a service can help identify these issues because they become a big problem. We ensure we use quality lubricants when topping up fluids and our team are all fully qualified to take good care of your car. With a better looked after vehicle, you’ll much be safer on the roads.

Save money by booking a service and MOT at the same time

Failing to get a service can cost you more in repairs later down the line. Adversely, it can also impact the result of your MOT. With Imperial Cars MOT, you can book your MOT and car service at the same time to save money. A service is conducted first, to ensure your car is up to scratch and running smoothly. Although there are some checks that are not included in a service that is in the MOT, visual inspections can help identify if there will be any red flags that come up on your MOT test. If they’re identified, we can fix them first before getting your MOT conducted. This means you’ll avoid more repairs and the possibility of a retest.

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