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Northampton car diagnostics and repairs

We get a lot of customers wondering why they need a diagnostic test for their car. The truth is your car’s a very complex system and has its own computer built into it. Whilst it can identify when there is an error somewhere in the system, it doesn’t always tell us exactly where it is. When it comes to diagnosing issues that are linked to the electrical system, it could be any one of thousands of possible problems. The diagnostic test offered by most garages ensures that you get that problem diagnosed quickly and accurately – in a matter of minutes.

Imperial Cars Northampton diagnostic testing

We have invested in the latest technology to provide our customers with a speedy and effective diagnosis of their problems. Our diagnostic equipment is used to identify your exact make and model of vehicle and find the cause of any issues you’ve been having. Once we can locate the problem, we can prepare an itemised and accurate quotation for your repairs. With your approval, we’ll get to work straight away and ensure you get your car back to you as soon as possible.

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Be careful driving with warning lights

There could be a number of things wrong with your car when warning lights show up. These lights links to your car’s temperature, oil levels, braking system, safety features and many more within the electrical system. Without knowing what’s wrong with your car you should take precaution when driving and try to get the problem sorted as soon as possible. Be careful when driving if a warning light comes up on your dashboard. Contact a garage if you’re ever unsure about whether to drive your car.

Are repairs included in the price?

When you book a diagnostic test, the price is for the test only. This is because we cannot physically charge you a set price on something when we don’t know what the problem is yet. Once we can accurately diagnose the issue, then we can let you know an accurate price for your repairs and labour. Diagnostic tests can appear to be costly, but if we could diagnose the issue manually, then we will. A diagnostic test is for more complex issues and is required if we are to find the real cause of your car problems.

How to book a diagnostic test

If you are experiencing problems with your car, but don’t necessarily have warning light issues, then select a visual inspection before booking a diagnostic test. We can then let you know if one is needed before you spend money on an unnecessary diagnostic test. If you’re sure you need a test, then you can book online with us or contact us directly to book. We’re open 6 days a week, so hopefully, there’s a time that is suitable for you. Let us know if you’re experiencing problems, and we’ll help get to the bottom of it and get your car fixed for you.

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