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Imperial Cars – Car Air Conditioning Services

Having issues with your air conditioning? We can help fix it

Most modern cars now come with air conditioning as standard. Yet, we most people aren’t aware that their regular service doesn’t include an air conditioning check. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is required, just like the other components in your car. We provide a wide range of air conditioning services including a re-gas, cleansing, repairs and servicing.

You should get an air conditioning service or re-gas every 2 years

If you think that your air conditioning hasn’t been working as well as it used to, you may be overdue a re-gas or air conditioning service. Every 2 years your car air conditioning leaks out a small amount of the refrigerant gas that keeps the air cool within the system. If this isn’t topped up, it will eventually run out. This means, no cold air.

If you continue to run the system without gas, it will break

Some people aren’t fully aware their air conditioning system isn’t working as well as normal until it’s too late. Running a system without any gas in it will cause it to break. This means you’ll have to fork out for expensive repairs which is not what you want for your car. Simply having an air conditioning service or re-gas every 2 years can help prevent all of this and keep your system running smoothly.

Check with your car’s manufacturer

Although most cars will need an air conditioning service every 2 years, it’s always best to check your manufacturer handbook for what’s best for your specific vehicle. Each car is different and has been designed in a certain way, so some manufacturers will require the time to be sooner than 2 years and others may be able to wait a little longer. To ensure that your car get’s what it needs, it’s best to check the handbook.

If you’re not sure, we can help

If you don’t know when you last had your air conditioning check, we can check your car’s history, your manufacturer handbook and quickly inspect and test the system to find out. We’ll let you know if your car is due a re-gas and get on it when we know you want to go ahead. Sometimes, there may be additional repairs that we recommend or a cleansing of the system to avoid blockages and leaks from bacteria within the system. Once we can test the system, we’ll be able to let you know more about what we can recommend for your particular vehicle.

How much does it cost?

Getting an air conditioning re-gas or service is relatively inexpensive compared to other components of your car. You can check out our prices online for an air conditioning service, but prices can vary from a simple re-gas or inspection and increase if repairs are required. We’ll always run additional costs by you with an itemised quote, so you can decide if you’d like to get your repairs done. Our prices are always very competitive, and we ensure we get the best for our customers and their vehicles.

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